Casino Craziness April Promotion

It’s Bovada’s 10th Anniversary and the celebration continues!

This latest giveaway lets you play for entries to win your share of 20,000 Free Spins! We’re giving away 10,000 Free Spins each week for the next two weeks.

How do you enter the draw?

Opt in Via this link

Deposit a minimum of $10, and for every $10 deposited and played on the games below, you’ll get another entry into the weekly draw.


Terms and conditions

A minimum of $10 deposit must be made during the week to qualify.

Must wager at least $10 in 1 of the specified Casino Games for the week.

Bonuses will be issued at the end of the week and may take up to 24-hours to appear in your account and can be claimed in the Rewards Store

The contest runs from April 8th until April 22nd.

Earn 1 Entry for every $10 wagered.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in this thread.


Is this promotion worth it?


Made a deposit am
I opted in?

if you are already playing these slots its worth it :slight_smile:

Ugh I HATE promotions like this. Here’s why…

Its sketchy. I have to click this one and only arbitrary link, buried/hidden in a forum to “opt in” (WOW sure) at a “chance” to win free spins? With requirements being "deposit 10 bucks , and play one of those games 10 dollars worth?
Its BS. Its a purposely vague, open ended promotion. So , NONE of the 100’s of dollars i spent this week on mystic and 7’s deluxe will count towards this “drawing”? Or they will because I opted in by clicking the link, and depositing today? Will EVERY 10 dollars i spent this week on those games count? Or only every 10 dollars I spent AFTER clicking the link? OR ONLY the 10 dollar increments used from clicking the link?

See what I mean? There is no possible way ANYONE can answer this sufficiently because its bogus. Hopefully, It ONLY counts deposits made explicitly through THIS hidden link, today. Because as stupid as that is. It almost guarantees me some free spins because there’s no way in hell more than a handful of folks made it through this maze of red tape to successfully claim a mere “CHANCE” at free-spins.


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I opt in. Is this what I needed to do

@Jennielovie that’s correct, then deposit and play as stated at the top of the thread.

Hey you out with what? Money? Or tips on how to recover stolen funds?

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I made a deposit does it show that I am opted in

Opted in, played 777 for more than $10, still no entry

@moderators I tried contact customer service and the agent didn’t even bother to look at the amount I wagered, they just saw -8$ and decided I didn’t stake enough

The opt in time is showing as Sun Apr 10 13:12:00 ET this is after you deposited and played 777.
Your deposit was at Sun Apr 10 12:09:44 ET and your last spin was at Sun Apr 10 12:20:07 ET

What are the games?

@Cassieb04 here

Am I opted in? Made deposit

Hey, so when do we see if we won the spins?

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@Paul_Bovada Does it matter if you deposited a bit later after opting in? I am sure I’ve opted in a few days ago but I don’t think I’ve made immediate deposit. I’ve made a few afterwords though.

Did I opt in for the last week?

@Soccerjunkie23 as long as you opt in before you deposit you will be fine.

@ItsDSP you opted in on the 8th

Can you double check that im opted in please