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Can I get mine

@Bella730 There have been no eligible deposit as of yet this week.

Just did now

All my games seem to keep freezing. I was on bonus on samari path and haven’t been able to play since. That was over 3 weeks ago. Now I loose $100-$160 a day. What’s going on?? And my games like free3 mid spin

@JLBBABE Can you please PM moderators with the time and date of the spin and any other information if you still need help so we can take a look for you

Any one else experiencing a lot of site problems tonight? Every game is freezing up have to log out clear cache come back and if does it again


Yeah I noticed that… a lot of lag every 15 or 20 spins it will lag and spin for awhile… also I’m taking a beating. Last 90.00 in sounds .40-1.50 haven’t seen a jackpot spin or anyyyythingggg… maybe a buck every so often

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Hi @goheels202,

The issue seems to be fixed now. If you are still experiencing any issues, please let us know.

Yeah I was experiencing it all night for the last two hours… it was horrible… anytime I would start hitting it would reload or stop and freeze this is crazy

400 down the drain on lost hand rolls and everything what’s going on with the site lately

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused

So was told yesterday no more point drops. Would have been nice if an email was sent out of the changes.

Really they’re not doing them anymore?

@moderators Will the marketing team continue to do points drops or “little gifts” as they have been? With the bonus program changes this week, just wondering if this gone also…?

We didn’t receive any reports about that.

When I asked the chat person to review the reason I have not received a point drop they said the promotion team has discontinued that bonus.

So make a deposit and ask what can you do for me

Happens to me EVERYTIME I get on a “dealers roll” and then all of a sudden "reload"screen comes up and the dealer is beating my QQ3 with a QQ4 on Tri-Card Poker lol. These casinos cna adjust the games on their site to tighter or looser if they want to. The one I hate the most is when you get on a roll and raise your bets, even if its just one click higher and you immediately start losing every hand or every spin. I played 3 casinos tonight and literally lost on every slot and table game. I may have hit some small wins on a couple slots, but Ive learned to stay off the sites on friday nights. Its payday for everybody and people play longer. The casinos adjust their algorhithims to clean house and make up for their “mandatory losses” durning the week. Sunday through Wed ive found is best.

just hit 500times 20 cents . 100 win , never ever had luck on this slot. But OCD said play it , made 100$

on 20 abraham lincoln’s


Bovada slots been generous tonight , i’m still love Bovada, I guess freebies and drops are lingo I never really knew, seems if you all are so spiteful over no more free wagering , then you guys had it very good be thankful you got those opportunities … Casinos make their money on money spent not money given … it’s the lady luck we make ours off of… Free play well if your at a 0 balance and looking for free money… that’s destiny saying go check the what the weather looks like and smell the roses . This is for fun, when it stops being fun take a break