Confusing & Misleading - Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Let me start by saying, I’ve been a proud member of the Bovada Casino Loser Club for quite some time, and have always chased Jackpots, without any luck. That was until today, while playing Amazonia Bingo… or so I thought…

According to the Special Features portion of Bovada’s How to play Amazonia Bingo “Progressive Jackpot - Winning Bingo in the first 30 balls triggers the Progressive Jackpot. You must be playing with four cards and meeting a betting minimum to be eligible for the jackpot.” Which if you look at the the red box it seems like $1.

Knowing all of this, I was ecstatic to finally hit a Jackpot, but then I realized that my balance didn’t reflect the Jackpot…

Now usually I’d be pretty excited about a $750 win, but when you’re expecting $21k, it’s a bit disappointing. Apparently, the $1 minimum applies per card as opposed to total bet, which makes zero sense…

To make things even more misleading… you can clearly see the Jackpot increasing as the bet increases, so if this is the case why does it not count?

Anyways… that’s all I got for today, but there’s just a lot of contradicting information in my opinion, and it feels like I wasted countless hours and missed out on something I ‘earned’ (if you can call gambling ‘earning something’).


Just to address this a little…
Yes the $1 minimum would apply to each card, the “bet” as it states at the top, not the “total bet”

The reason the jackpot increases is because it’s a progressive jackpot, so all funds that are added to the game will increase the potential jackpot.

If the jackpot was at $0 for example and everyone played at $0.50 nobody would win the jackpot, but the pot would still build until somebody did win it with a “bet” of $1 or more.

Again, it makes little to no sense to say minimum bet $1 addresses per card when in order to win the jackpot you must play all 4.

And Paul I think you’re missing the point when I mention the “jackpot increase”… I understand that the jackpot will increase with every bet placed (or total bet, not sure how you want to define this one). However, as the pictures display above at 1:54 pm cst:

Betting $1 pays a jackpot of $20,367.10
Betting $2 pays a jackpot of $21,117.10
Betting $4 pays a jackpot of $22,617.10
Betting $8 pays a jackpot of $25,617.10

Why would the jackpot number increase so substantially from level to level if it’s not to be paid out… this is my point.

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This is because it’s taking into account the amount that you are going to bet and adding it to the total.
In other words if you were to bet $1 the jackpot would increase to $20367.10 if you were to bet $8 it would increase to $25,617.10.
As I said before the jackpot will increase every time a player puts money into the slot, irrespective if they are eligible to win a jackpot or not, this is how progressive slots work and how they accumulate the jackpot.

And as I said before Paul… I understand how money is accumulated in the jackpot and that the jackpot will jump when a greater amount is wagered…

What I don’t understand and why I’m saying it’s confusing and misleading is because there is a jackpot value denoted for bets that are apparently ineligible therefore unattainable, and those values change. To make it worse… the displayed “jackpot amount” on the home screen matches that of a $1 'total bet" rather than a $4 one as you’ll see below:

Home image shows a 20k jackpot:

$1 bet shows a 20k jackpot

$4 bet shows a 23k jackpot

So again… it looks like what is being advertised is misleading and inaccurate.

I understand where you are coming from here, but as I initially said it says minimum bet is $1
so you will need $1 in your bet box to qualify, not it the total bet box.

It also says $20k jackpot… which from what you’re saying is impossible since there is no ‘qualifying bet’ that would result in that outcome…

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If you didn’t play a $1 bet then you wouldn’t get the jackpot, which is why it doesn’t appear static until you do play $1.

I’m so happy you explained that part of the UI, but still… why is a jackpot amount advertised when it’s unattainable?

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The jackpot amount is there advising you what you could win should you bet the minimum $1

If you looked at the pictures above then that’s obviously not the case… the jackpot amount advertised matches with the $1 total amount NOT the $4 total amount

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The jackpot displayed will change depending what stake you select

I feel like we’re going in circles here, and somethings not clicking… The home screen highlights a jackpot amount of $20k. The only way to win $20k would be to make a total bet of $1, which you’re telling me is not an eligible bet. the lowest ‘eligible bet’ you’re saying is $4 which wins you a $23k jackpot. Again, why is $20k being advertised as the progressive if it is impossible to win with an eligible bet… It is misleading and confusing.

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To be eligible for the jackpot you would need to make a minimum bet of $1 as it states on the game.

A minimum bet of $1 will give you a total wager of $4

Minimum bet is not the same as total wager.

I’m afraid we will have to agree to disagree on this, as I really can’t see how this is misleading or confusing!

So just to be clear… The fact that the Jackpot number on the cover page coincides with the displayed Jackpot when the total wager is $1 (which is deemed an ineligible bet) not the total wager of $4 is not misleading or confusing?

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I think I see where he is coming from. On a progressive jackpot as long as you bet the minimum amount to win (in this case $1 per card) or I bet the max amount say $40 the progressive jackpot shouldn’t change based on bet size. But looking at his time stamp changing bet size “increases” the jackpot amount by thousands? That wouldn’t really make it a progressive.

Per the Jackpot rules:

so the rules state a total bet of 4 or higher and all 4 cards needing to be open so this would mean a minimum of $1 per card.

As for the jackpot value changing. We can check in with our team for clarification

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Thanks Matty. I have always known about the minimum, but the few times I have upped my total bet to $8, I noticed the jackpot jumped significantly, making me believe it was tied to the bet amount, not the same Jackpot amount for all players like most games.

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