Dead spins/ No luck

Spent nearly $4 k last night and lucky enough to withdrawl $700. Wanted to try again & deposited $680 played again on lawless ladies slots today $5 spins ALL DEAD SPINS??? WTF BOVADA! DO BETTER. smh :woman_facepalming: been a loyal cusotmer almost 4 years now. At least can a girl get some free bonuses on my account! Smh Very disappointed :disappointed_relieved:


I feel you , I make a deposit everyday and it’s pretty much the same thing everytime , crazy how many dead spins can you get and the game always keep you way below your initial balance , very sad


I felt robbed literally! Smh :woman_facepalming: lol bovada is mainly the only site i prefer compare to the others. Would be nice to win at least once in a great while . Geez


Same here. I got a free bonus, thinking I was gonna flip that easy. All went to waste. Tried a different bet, and other slots to see if it was just that one, but still no luck.

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Typical end to my session tonight. Final 74 spins I had 3 total wins. Only one was a profiting spin for 2x my bet. These “bad runs” are like nothing I’ve ever seen in all my years of gambling. . Going through my final $71 in 74 $1 spins is ridiculous and it happens way too often here.


That’s the worst, seeing your balance go down and not one spin is a hit. That hurts lol


This happened to me yesterday too it’s just bad luck


You begin playing with 100$ (or any amount) and then you almost run out your balance, you only see your funds going down, then you finally hit the free spins 10-12-15-20-100 it doesn’t matter, guess what you will think you have the chance to get something finally after months or chasing it, but not, it just pay you back what you just lost and get your balance near to your initial balance, ± 100$ what a joke! I’ll try to stay away from the slots , I have to say the sport books is the best in the market, that’s my personal opinion,

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100$ played, 50$ lost in total, hit 3 bonus rounds, paid 0.00$ / 0.00$ / 1.80$
Game: Galápagos island


Lol oh wait they might let you hit 50$ win or 100$ win after losing thousands. It’s like now a days they give you maybe one hit and switch it back off its such greed with bitcoin prices up. Years and years since I was able to withdrawal more then a couple hundred. It’s just so aggravating now because it’s like you get ahead like 100$ and they think that’s alot now which to me makes no sense it’s so boring now. I mean we spend thousands but yet they freak out now when we get ahead by over 100$ it sucks.

Rolled over 450 times on cai fu panda. About 3 bonuses that paid 5$ - $10 - $5. Makes no sense

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They keep talking abour RNG and that they can’t controll the slots but 99% of the times that I play in any of the slots and I wager any number and hit a bonus they pay me the same amount I just played, the same amount literally!!! How the game knows how much I lost, if it’s supposed to be random? Anyways I give up

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Is This the new lawless ladies slot cause it is by far one of the worst games. If anyone would want to send me a link of what a bonus looks like, I surely would love to see it because I’ve done hundred of spins and nothing over a 10x or a bonus.

Agree with everyone here. So these “rng spins” are happening the same way to a bunch of people here?…. That’s so random

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