Deadpool Movie

Marvel fans across the globe could not be more excited for the release of Deadpool 3. Not only is Deadpool 3 set to take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time, it is also going to be the first R-Rated movie in MCU history, something many fans will be pleased to hear. This means we can expect to see strong violence, graphic nudity, strong language and adult humor… let’s face it, it just wouldn’t be a Deadpool movie without them all.

Which characters do you think will appear in Deadpool 3 and who are you betting on?

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Love Deadpool. Release date? Characters I’m not sure but aren’t they crossing over the x-men into the MCU with this movie?

With Deadpool making his entry into the MCU, there is much speculation as to which characters will appear alongside him in Deadpool 3. Right now you can see the following;

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Haha @Jasmine_Bovada, you can bet on almost anything!

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A good bet on here is Dr. Strange at +500. If you’ve noticed Professor X appears to be in the new Dr. Strange trailer which has to make you think there’s going to be the crossover with the mutiverse tying in Dr. Strange, Professor X and the X-Men along with Deadpool. That has to be how Deadpool is pulled into the MCU.

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An interesting question for these movie bets. How is it controlled that people who work on the movie itself aren’t able to bet seeing as they essentially already know. Unlike sports, THERE ACTUALLY IS A SCRIPT!!!