Deposit Bonus RULES - must read if you use Bonus Deposits

Everyone needs to be aware of the extremely restrictive rules set around using bonus deposits.

I will not be using any bonus deposits again, as these rules are literally impossible to abide by. Almost impossible to achieve 50x rollover , when you can’t bet over 20% of your deposited amount.

Making sure everyone is aware !


Lmao…i swear they come up with every different way to make sure you lose here.


Very interesting… didn’t know this!.. thanks for sharing.

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Lol ok mr bovada.

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This is a prime example of why they are not issuing free credits as of lately. They are pushing customers to make use of deposit bonuses. They must have got killed these past few months finacially. I have to say though its pretty smart on bovadas end using deposit bonuses as an insurance policy. So if you happen to hit big and your last deposit had one attached they can just right it off. With little to no explanation. I read over the rules today and according to the guidlines changing your wager in slots during a session is considered collusion??? :sweat_smile: Jesus…


Looks like they’ve also changed what game you can use bonus funds on. I mainly play reels XL and you can no longer use it on that game.

Absolutely ridiculous, no notice or anything to inform us of this change


Damn, ya this is just straight bad…

@moderators any thoughts on not following the no excuses policy and on all these awful changes? Curious how y’all might spin this

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Right, brewcrew is on bovadas nuts. Giving his two cents about their concepts of marketing, and how we should be so thankful and we are so clueless​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

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Update , after this occurred, I have not been able to process a withdraw . Currently have a 5 digit win sitting in my account after massive deposits over the last few months.

Please release my funds bovada .

I understand I might have gone over the bet % rule without knowing, but recent rule changes put in place are also unfair and not communicated to the customers. Plus obvious removal of any strong bonuses and freeplay from many .

I wish bovada was as it was a few years back…


Yeah i know. Ive noticed. Hes a plant lol

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Customer supports on the phone was no help and stated that “there is currently a delay in the blockchain” and to “monitor my wallet” .

Never heard of a delay in the blockchain . That is false, all past withdraws would process in under a 90minutes . What’s going on here ?

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They’re trying to 1 up BetUS… i never take bonuses over there for anything… Next thing you know bovada bonuses will have a max payout

Hmmm what?

I always do that I start low and as the machine tells me how it’s gonna be I go even lower or higher depending on.

I’ve won tons of money that method too. Start with like 1 dollar spins to go 5 go to 10 go to 20 depending on if it hits or not and it’s true once you spin so many spins the game either is going to hit you with something or you were gonna run out of money before the session was over anyway.

So yea that’s illegal here? Lol no really?

I’m not spinning 1 dollar a thousand times if I have 1,000 bucks to spend. I might spin 1 dollar for the first 50 bucks but if it doesn’t pay me at all then I will go to 5 a spin bc that 5 could win ALL of my money back from the 1s spins and so on and so forth you know how many times I spin 5 dollar spins and then immediately just saw the machine being stupid so I changed really quick to 10 and bam it hits and then you go back down to 5 or 1.

Can a mod explain this in a way that doesn’t sound immediately like it’s just turning screws? This is only with bonus funds right? Or if you are trying to hit rollover? Anyone that can say yea this is the rule you are not suppose to be able to change wager amounts between spins?

Seems to me the immediate assumption is that they want you to have very very short sessions and if you wanna change spin $ they need it to be a new session so the math starts all over.

Bc there have to be acceptable trough levels of loses but over the course of play if I spin it 500 times and they see no wins their RNG is shutting bricks

But if you spin 50 spins that’s probably well within the amount of spins that 0 money is acceptable.

So playing 10 sessions of 50 spins all of which the acceptable RNG rates are close to 0 and they can be within whatever regulations they do report and say nah this dude spun 10 different sessions at different times so it’s ok that they didn’t win it’s all above board here

But 500 spins no wins then you get a lot of people with those results they don’t want that it’s bad for business but they probably notice that after 500 spins on one session increases the likelihood even if ever so unlikely to hit it hit so logically if you progressively build up spin values in that 500 spins the win should eventually cover the losses due to eventually hitting maybe a 10x win on 20 bucks is 200 bucks and ….


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