Didn’t get paid multiplier on Double Dragon Roulette

I was playing Double Dragon roulette and had a dollar on the line between 13 and 14, and 14 hit and had a 50x bonus on it and I only got paid $18 instead of getting the $900 because of the 50x bonus that was on the 14 when I hit it

@ssboomer I am sorry to know this happened. I do see you reached out to customer service who raised a ticket on your behalf. Once there is an update, you’ll be provided with the details via your account messages. It can take approximately 24-48 hours.

Thank you, it’s almost been 48 hours though since the ticket was created so I’m worried they’re not doing anything about it

@ssboomer The same thing happened to me months ago with Dragon Roulette and i was told the multiplier only pays on a straight up bet, so you would have to bet the exact number that hits, not on the line or splits.
Hope your result is different

Just an update. It has been escalated to the vendor for further review.

It would need to be a straight bet to get the multiplier.

If that’s the case, then it should be in the game rules instead of pretending like it’s regular roulette with a multiplayer if that number is hit

I think it is in the game paytable??

It’s misleading of course. But it’s Straight up 50x $1 . Trust me we all find these things out the hard way.

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Leave it to Bovada, makes since why I didn’t receive an email after they were “looking into it”