Does this $h&t happen to anybody else or just me?

I would say u dont wanna lose dont gamble…ya know

Yes you would say so until it happens to you. Theres a difference in gambling and losing vs gambling and getting robbed. Ya know…smh


Glitches like that shouldn’t be. it tips the odds in the houses favor even more. If I won 1000 on a glitch they would take it back, they should have to replace the glitched wagers

Last night o was playing reels and wheels. The wheel landed on jackpot and then froze. I didn’t get to spin the jackpot and it paid me $22 like I had lande don 11 with a $2 bet. And I did not. I need this corrected - geez I could have hot over $200,000

Any help? Getting a resolution

I apparently need a third party help to get my problem resolved -

Welcome @Jenniferlakeanderson, I will PM you for more details.

How long before there is a resolution?

You see Brooke what I was claiming the other day that d spinn landed on 500 an froze an then pay me 9 dollars an before lande at jackpot an also pay me 9 dollars…i mean the bovada have the percentage advantage. Its not enough. Please play fare game

Hi @Jose91, I will send you a Pm requesting more information.