Does this $h&t happen to anybody else or just me?

Just spent way too much of my time for them to tell me it’s correct. It rite there in the pic that’s it’s not correct

kinda sus :eyes:

Not this game but they’ve definitely gotten away with some sus on 10x Vegas for me

Thats bull$#!% ive been getting robbed too bh their scam games. Other day i was olaying keno and 9 of ny numbers lit up out of 10 with 25 cent bet. All of a sudden then game freezes up. I played for hours and it never froze up until i hit something big. Then i proceded to go back into keno thinking it would continue the round and start me to the spot right before i got to the ninth lightup number. Nope. Started me fresh like it never happened. I proceeded to punch a hole in the wall. My gf isnt to happy with me. Lol. I think this whole thing is getting out of hand.


@moderators - Can you confirm whether the user was paid out according to actually having chosen 4 correct gold coins on the screen (even though it says 40x) or if there is an actual malfunction in the game?

I’m afraid I have no idea, we didn’t look into this is was handled by CS

This site doesn’t do what they say. I refereed a friend and they are saying it doesn’t show and she clicked on my referral. Bulkshit. I spend a lot of money on here they are wanting her to chat with them and let her know but she is telling me she has been trying to chat but they will not get ba k with her. Smh

It could be that she went to the site through an external link, but she would need to contact us if she has no referee on her account so the link can be made.

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That link may help you.

Has anybody ever actually gotten a third party opinion? Lol who do they use ?

The same situation happened to me with a slot when. The DDOS attacks happened did you talk to CS because it took a while but they eventually restored my gameplay…

I’ll update if I get one. So far they are just acting like I didn’t request this

Oh start taking screenshots of every interaction sometimes they’d first try to act like they had no ue what I was talking about and as soon as I sent them screenshots of other agents acknowledging the problem they were suddenly able to see the error in the game. Gave me the run around for a while but eventually resolved. Screenshots saved me

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Thanks for the tip

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Of course! Good luck :blush:

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Just happened. Playing golden buffalo and it starts dropping buffalos quite a bit. I’ve won on this get quite a bit and that normally what happens when it’s about to hit. Out of nowhere game freezes and reloads. No biggie, this happens often and when it reloads it picks up where you left off…not today! I was betting .80 and when it reloaded it was on $2. Of course I didn’t notice until I was out of funds.

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My account just zapped 900 bucks while I was playing what the heck man?!!

This stuff is happening way more frequently now.