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im making this topic to bring up a problem i have with the current moneyline in this category

currently it is “To Break The World Record For Fastest Minecraft Speedrun Before 2024”

and the two options are “Tfue +2000” and “XQc +700”

i have a couple problems with this moneyline

my first problem is that its essentially worthless. no one is betting on this in their right mind. xqc to begin with isnt even a contender for the world record. what i mean by this is, its like if you guys had a moneyline for best picture at the 95th annual academy awards, and one of the options to bet on was “random high school kid +700” among the actual actors that were nominated… it doesnt even make any sense

secondly its the same with Tfue although its even weirder… because with Tfue he not only is infinitely better than xqc, he has +1300 WORSE ODDS??? it makes no sense (he also isnt even a contender for the world record either). im completely dumbfounded by this decision to open this moneyline and it should be taken down and/or remade. there is a guaranteed zero percent chance either of these hit and its a shame even knowing it exists

oh yeah and thirdly, they have xQc’s name incorrectly formatted. its written as “XQc” on the moneyline, when it actually should be written as “xQc” or “Felix “xQc” Lengyel”

anyway. to maybe clear up some confusion as to why this monstrosity of a moneyline mightve been created, xqc is currently in competition with someone regarding minecraft speedruns and it is against another streamer named Forsen and not Tfue, and it is not to get the minecraft world record, but merely against themselves. they fight to one up each others records after one beats the other

if i were the bookie, i would either take it down or calculate the odds for how long itll take either forsen or xqc beat each others records once its their turn to speedrun, and set up the moneyline as “Xqc to break Forsens record before x timeframe” and vice versa when its forsens turn

other than that i dont see any reason having this moneyline and would love to see a minecraft speedrun moneyline that im actually interested in betting on.


Anyone into gaming??

I Play Fortnight on PS4 If anyone plays …