Escalation unresolved

Has anyone else experienced an escalation lasting over 4 months and bovada constantly trying to close it saying im pretty much a liar? Back in Feb i was betting 12.00 a spin on yesr of the dog. I hit free play and guess what,? The game mysteriously froze and to this day i cannot access it. I have a whole file of screenshots from trying to play the game for 4 months, screenshots of agent chats and even screen recordings up until this very moment of proof. Ive had to send in proof well over 10 times. Only to get that im basically lying and theres nothing they can do. I need advice on what to do to correct this issue. My favorite game and i havent been able to play since feb. I honestly think bovada cut the game off.

We are only providing you the details based on the review that was completed. Your account was thoroughly reviewed and based on the game logs. If the games log shows that the round was completed this is what we would have to base our findings on. We understand your frustration however the review was done fairly as it should be.

Of course. Same thing that has been said since i reported it. Nothing was accessed and still cant be. If bovada was smart they would see that i played that game all the time. And boom havent played it since feb. Why? Because i cant access it. Its still stuck on the free spins i won they i couldnt use. Its ok. I have proof of everything and will be submitting it to the right person who can fix or correct this issue. May even report my deposits as fraud since bovada cant be honest and say that its an issue on their end.

Same manipulated server address for vikings, thunderbird spirit Nd viking treasures. I have a casd building too, but im also informing a friend of mine whose wife is out state attorney general… wanna see real time manipulation of game play, cear xache and play 2 different games from the same procider side by side and you have all the proof you need.

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I had a similar issue with several games for a while. A spin would just catch and replay any time i tried to load the game. The only way I could resolve them was to use my laptop. That would clear them up until the next time i was on ipad or iphone. The problem has morphed now. Those same games instead just don’t display correctly and don’t show me my balance, but if you are still having the problem, try on a laptop?

I’m dealing with a similar issue right now as well. I think I’m on to the fourth escalation request now with very slow response time. I hit an in game bonus and didn’t get a chance to pick the in game bonus prize. The game reset and Bovada manually closed the spin. I had no issues playing the game again, I’m now just dealing with the issues of the triggered bonus since 6/21/23.

Winning spin (in question)

An example of a losing spin (for comparison where no bonus was triggered.) the prize field with “pickbonus” is not present in this spin, but is present in the winning spin.