Extremely disappointed

Im very disappointed with the changes Bovada has been making. I used to get stuff all the time but now i dont get hardly anything! How do you ecpect to make changes like that and keep people interested after all our money is what pays your paychecks…i want free spins or bonus funds and i want them now! Its ridiculous


They used to do bday bonus, nope didnt get a damn thing. I only give the company thousands…


Are you talking about just getting free play from support? I’ve noticed they locked that down too since the ddos crap. Musta lost a lot of money from that fiasco I guess?

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Imagine depositing and not receiving your funds when it says completed. Going on 13 hours now still nothing

Have you checked like viawallet to see if you’re hung on confirmations or something? I’ve had issues like that with Coinbase saying complete after so long but it actually hadn’t hit the six confirmations still.

Bovada had BTC issues all day yesterday.

Oh crap is it fixed? I just initiated a BTC transfer fuuuuu.