False Scores listed

Made a wager on a basketball bet where the team I had bet on was up 44-43. Once the bet was accepted the score changed to 40-47 in favor of the other team. I contacted support but of course they stated there was nothing that could be done. How can this be legit?

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Its sad but they are known for this kind of crap. They do it every day and then they will give you the same old bs saying in our terms and service it states our scoreboard may be incorrect so don’t go by it.

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" we recommend players don’t believe the scoreboard that we provide as that’s no guarantee we know what we are doing. Please use a reputable scoreboard to check scores and then come back here to the place you can’t trust to have the score right and wager your money. Thanks"- signed Bovada


Yeah the scoreboard has really bad discrepancies sometimes … they post it on the terms not to go off it….