Football Betting Rules

Hi everyone,

With the NFL season knocking on the door we’d like to have a kind reminder to the Football Betting Rules. Here you can find all the sports-specific rules and terms that might be a great help when wagering on NFL.

So Bovada is changing the 4th quarter rule this season to NOT include overtime. Is that correct?

Is Bovada planning to change this rule sitewide across all sports?

Also it is outlined under rule 6 under Bovada’s TOS under general betting rules….

—Las Vegas rules, regulations, payoffs and bet types apply where not covered herein. As Bovada Casino and Sportsbook is a foreign company, it does not report players’ account activities, winnings or losses to any government agencies. Therefore, it is your responsibility, if applicable, to report your winnings

This would be a change from previous seasons and just want to clarify that Bovada’s rule 3 for football betting is going away from Vegas and having this rule override rule 6 of general betting?

Why would you make this change? Any specific reason @moderators

I am confused as to why this change would make any sense unless management got beat badly going by Vegas rules last year?

Was the 4th Q rule not always the case?
I wasn’t aware that any rules had changed.

Unless I am not remembering correctly 2H and 4th quarter wagers always included OT.

Either way I would like to throw a challenge flag and you can mark me down as a opponent of rule 3 but I can always place my 4th quarter wagers elsewhere as well so no big issue

I did have the sports team confirm that the rules have not changed, it was always this way.

4th quarter shouldn’t include overtime. but 2h has always and should still include overtime correct


This. Because OT is part of the 2nd half and the game, but it is no longer the 4th quarter. I am pretty sure this is consistent with other books I use.

2H always included here