Free spins where?

Where are the free spins from the promotion of “20,000 people winning”? Since I’ve seen the promotion I’ve made hundreds of deposits and have never seen any free spins


Have they been distributed already?? 3 weeks I’ve gotten 5 once. Bummer


I got a message saying i won but it doesn’t show how many or how to use.


Yes I had 25 free spins win I deposited 20 and my spins never came. I just had a 50 dollar free cash but now I don’t see it st all. What’s up with them??

When I deposited $20

You aren’t missing anything. 5 free .20 spins where you win 10 cents.


I won 50 free spins from the giveaway at 40¢ each for a win of $13. Was only able to use the big winnings in casino though not on a 15 leg parlay like I wanted to in sportsbook


@Wlab2684 they are 5FS for Cyberpunk City.

@Bethm10 as I see CS replaced them with $25 bonus.

If you didn’t receive the notification it means that you didn’t win any spins, sadly. If you received the notification but didn’t get the spins or have issues using them please let us know and we’ll take a look.

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Duhhh da buh doiiii duhhhh🥴

I won and claimed them but they’re not showing up anywhere at all and unfortunately I’ve been trying to “chat” with customer service for over an hour with not one agent even connecting? Where the hell is the customer service?

@MNJFoe the spins are for the game Cyberpunk city.

Thank you for the response.

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Can @moderators please send me a msg please and thank you

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I got 5 spins once on this promotion, very shitty when I add 30-50 everyday and play the casino. And of course they have a 12 hour maintencr update last night and I’ve put on $100 and didn’t get a free spin on either of the two games I played. This site crushes you sometimes, it’s ridiculous

@Jbarb420 can you please clarify the games you didn’t receive the spins for? Please provide the date and time (ET), as well as, bet amount, account balance and in case of any, please attach screenshots. We’ll check them for you.

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Have the free spins promotion been added for this wednesday draw yet?! Curious and can’t remember what time they have been added previously draws

Guess I didn’t win again​:joy::joy: there’s not even 20,000 people that make weekly deposits on this site but they claim that’s the amount that win weekly lol

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Where bonzana bonus

I received 5 spins… got me a huge win of $0.00! You read that right; free spins didnt do anything but kick me while i was down.


Same here boss. Luck is down. Need a Friday drop!