Gam Review Of The Week- 777 Deluxe

Our selected game for this week is another most played game, 777 Deluxe, with a jackpot of $43K :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:. You can try it Here and leave your comment below.

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This game is hot and cold. You can win but only when you hit a nice win streak. Definitely not on my favorites list.

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Definitely one of my favorites but like it is mentioned above it will be hot or cold at times

Used to be one of my favorites but I like reels and wheels better.

Ice cold or on fire over here.

Fun game overall but in my experience, the most difficult to win in. I’ve noticed at times, the wild symbol appears in locations where it’s impossible to create a line. In my opinion, since it’s a dramatic wild where it’s a mystery symbol, there should always be a chance at winning something. Otherwise, there’s no mystery behind it :slight_smile: