Game Review Of The Week Is Here

Hello everyone, it’s time for another game review. We take a look at one of our newest and trending casino games, Pirates Pick, in this week’s game review. Has anyone tried it yet, either in practice or in real life? If not, take a look HERE and leave a comment.


Gave it a shot and within 25 spins I was zeroed out…I can’t even win in the practice mode! Where I’m sure the payout percentages are increased! Lol

Got a little over 300x last night, bonus round retrigged like 4 times, 11 spins 2x multi. Was betting 1.50. Of course I went on to lose it all on other slots. It’s a fun game.

Ive spun on this piece of crap slot well over 500 times and have yet to hit a bonus. Complete turd if you ask me. Ive moved my bet up and down, tried it at different times of the day…nothing. my rtp on this has to be in the 10-20% range and thats being generous. :-1::-1::-1: