Game Review Of the Week Lucky Larry's Tavern

Hey all, it’s that time again when we look forward to hearing your feedback on the game review of the week. The game that was selected for this week is Lucky Larry’s Tavern. You can take a look HERE and comment below.


I actually like the game. One of the games I’ve started to enjoy. The promos helped me get a taste of what it’s like. Bonuses seem to pay decent.


It can definitely have some big spins and payouts…However if it denies you the “free spins” for 500 to 1k spins it can be a tough day.

Hard to win any money. Hard to get free spins. The game itself is okay, but you will lose a lot of money playing. It was a couple of times when I did get free play and I won zero.

Free spins hard to get most of the time.

Played this one a bunch. Never been able to get free spins. Too tough…

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It’s ok. The barrel bonus is kind of dumb in my opinion and the free spins almost never hits. Good gameplay though

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what slot reviews/games of the week accomplish other than allowing your customer base to once again show 99% of us lose and 1% win. And those losers are seeing less than 80% RTP a lot of the time.

You want an honest game review?
Change the algorithm to allow your players the least bit of a chance to win.

Better yet, if you’re really going to dig in on this “RNG makes things fair” canned line, provide the average RTP for community members/players on these slots. Make the numbers public. Prove it.
Some should make money. Some should lose.

Not 99 losers for 1 winner in your little Gallery.


MadRat is right.

Make RTP public amongst players who participate because this has gotten out of hand

It’s 97.3% as stated on the game.

I’m just gonna assume it Is 37.9% then and the RTP is backwards. Take all players avg RTP on it. Guarantee it Is nowhere near 97

You are entitled to your opinion. I’m just providing the information that is states on the game.