Graded Wager incorrect payout

I know it’s only 0.01 cent discrepancy but where is that penny? Does this happen often or to anyone else?

@MFSHATAN We’ll double check but this would most likely be the way the odds are inputted and there would be a decimal/fraction sort of situation that rounded the betslip amount when compared to the actual transactions

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Actually, I just had a look and this was due to the way the wager was placed. It was placed using two different bonuses so the winnings had to be returned proportionally. 11.25 doesn’t actually divide into 2 evenly so that last cent can’t actually get divided.

The last $0.01 was just added for you now

I see. so the only way this will most likely happen again is if its placed using two bonuses?

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@MFSHATAN Yeah exactly and the win amount is at an odd number like that where that last penny can’t actually be split up

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thanks for your help!

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I won these 2 parlays but didn’t receive not even half my winnings can you help me out with this please



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HI @Maajay , a review of your account confirmed wagers have been settled and the winning amount was credited to your account.

Yes but I didn’t receive my full amount The to win amount is way higher than what I received

My to win amount was 56k and I got only 4k and the other one was 13k and I only $700

Burns leg is a push for not playing, Erik Barnes leg follows dead heat rule, Jon Rahm leg was 3 way tie dead heat rule. So all of that affects the payout calculation.