Grammy Awards 2022

Hi All,

The Grammy Awards are just around the corner with some great nominations. As you know we do have lines that you can make some money on especially if you are music savvy. Let us know your favorite artist and albums for this year. You can use this link HERE to make a bet on the Grammy lines we have available. If your artist is not nominated let us know if you think that they were denied an opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Hi guys,

The Grammys is currently on its way with a few winners already announced. Which category piques your curiosity the most? Iā€™m waiting for the announcement of the album of the year, which will be tremendous. Are you enjoying the show? If yes, tell us about it, and have your expectations been met? So far, everything has gone well; I eagerly await your feedback.

How on earth did Jon batiste win album of the year lol

Ya that one had me confused as well :sweat_smile: