Has anyone else had problems with the slots today?

i decided to close my account but i can’t get a hold of live rap,… i’ve spent my last night off living like this 4 hours… trying to reach a rep to handle a wagering glitch i recorded my life has been so high strung this month … I haven’t ever seen the site this unfunctional… who am i kidding i barely can’t make a big win … reliably place a wager with out issues … my money is dwindling down … i had 300,000 in my account this year… i lost half of it in 4 months and haven’t had so much as more than a 300 win … i am realizing i’m jurst chasing a big win and losing it all tryjng to get there … when your casino is taking all and giving not even something bsck ever … just tech issues …and the understanding the sites broken and any issues are my loss… so losing just is sooo easy…, i can’t get a rep how can go about closing this account … without a rep

777 has lagged today and yesterday AGAIN

Thanks bovada

Can’t open any game right now, stuck in loading

You cant actually close your account…you can only suspend it…which is kinda like closing it only if you ever change your mind they can reactivate it