Heads up about live wagering

I’ve seen many posts about this type of situation in the past but feel like this needs to remain on the front of people’s minds. Yesterday I tried making a live wager on a tennis match with the odds at -105 (better odds for me) and the wager was not processed because the price changed to -150 (better odds for bovada). I then tried making the wager at -150 and the price changed to +110 (better odds for me) and the wager was processed.

Again I’ve been told by multiple agents “you can’t trust the live scoreboard” but this event essentially proves you can’t trust anything about the live wagering system. I’ve seen other players post about wagers they processed at one price but in their pending wagers it shows the wager at a different price. The system is completely flawed and should certainly never be trusted or used for that matter. I for one will never make another live wager here and am strongly considering never making another wager here since they refuse to do the right thing and give me the benefit of the doubt in this scenario. I try to give back a lot and have been with this site for 15 years with millions of player points so my loyalty can’t be questioned but for them to not give any consideration for this issue is enough to make me want to leave for good.

For agents to specifically say “the wager at -105 was not accepted because the price changed” but then say “the wager at -150 was accepted because that was the price at the given time” is completely contradictory since the price at the given time of the first wager I made was -105 yet it was not accepted at that price. This has nothing to do with the wager losing as well since I was in contact with cs immediately after this happened trying to get it cancelled while the match was still in play. It’s extremely unfortunate for them not to do the right thing here.

Again, in closing, do not trust the live wagering system at all on this site and do not trust the site to ever give you the benefit of the doubt in any situation like this especially if they have ever corrected an error in the past. They will say they’ve done it once and can not do it again.

Side note: this is not moderators faults, this is a site issue.


The issue isn’t the scoreboard

We all know by now that the scoreboard is wrong frequently

The issue is the lines themselves which is what players use to place wagers AND when we’ve been told in the past " the lines we offer are not connected to the scoreboard we utilize"

Well one of those things has to be false

Ultimately there’s really no reason a bet should ever go through when it’s at all different from the line a player was trying to bet. That’s really all that needs to be said

Otherwise what’s the line of delineation? What’s acceptable practice? Should the site be able to charge all the odds in their favor as our bets are processing abd then say " well gee whix that’s a bummer for you?"

If i bet Atl +8 and they want to give me Atl + 7 and that’s ok then why not Atl +4 or Atl +2 or Atl -14??

How much of a difference is too much?

That’s why the answer needs to be zero. That’s how much difference is acceptable


Any other sports betting site allows you to lock in your odds or accept better or any live odds. Bovada will allow only to accept the odds or worse odds if the change happens while the processing occurs.


If bovada is going to offer live wagering, then they need to make sure it’s accurate plain and simple and they need to make rules be rules across the board. If a wager is not going to accepted because a price changed then do not accept a wager 40 seconds later when a price changed again. If a price changes after a wager is placed that’s one thing but if a price changes as a wager is “processing” then the wager should not be accepted.

What’s more telling here as well is loyalty and time put into the site is not valued at all. Not to mention speaking with a supervisor is not allowed anymore. If cs agents that give contradicting and conflicting information are the only voices we can expect to speak with, then my confidence in the processes here is completely gone.

Mikey the mod told me yesterday they were going to speak about this at their meeting today at 2:30pm ct so I really hope something good comes from it and if so I’ll be sure to post about it.

I don’t always post about bad situations, as evidenced by my giveaways and attempts at giveaways, but when a situation like this occurs I feel it’s right to warn other players about its possibility of happening to them.

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Dude dont hold your breath. He might have said they are going to talk about it but you arent going to hear back from them! And they definitely wont be fixing it anytime soon.


Response I got from a supervisor that I hadn’t heard before:

  • 17:25:29Juan S

In this case, as I mentioned before, depending on the bet, the system can cancel the bet if it is made near the end of the match or near the start of the match.

All good points.

BUT … as ibe said many MANY TIMES…


PERIOD. They do not care. This place in the 18 month has been a shit show from top to bottom. You can talk to 10 people and get 11 different answers. They all " Say" CS but they all wear different Jerseys.

Oh and my last bit of insignificant input here.

They dont care.


Last thing i forgot to mention.


Their book their rules. Sucks for us cuz they think we can’t live without them when it’s the other way around. The way things have changed (for the worse) in recent years is remarkable with Bovada. They used to be regarded as one of the good offshore books but now, they don’t listen to the feedback they constantly ask for. Hoping for a turn around but I’m not holding my breath!


Can we get a response from someone on this? It seems like there is no rationale for removing the option to accept line changes. There have been numerous posts here describing the double standard with changing odds and I still do not know what is going on.

Lines will constantly change according to the action on the game. It isn’t uncommon for a line to change if there’s too much action on one side. Our Book Managers will update the line, or adjust the juice based on the amount of action a game has. Generally, the best way to get a good line is to play the favorite early, and the underdog late.