I’m tired to lose all the time

I play slots here everysingle day, and I make multiple deposits DAILY! I lose in every single game, my balance is always 0.00$ at the end of every single day because this slots always keep me below my balance and now they are giving toooooo many but wait too many dead spins, bonuses barely pay x5-x10-20x when I already lost x100. I’m not expecting to win everysingle time but this is unbelievable! I kind like bovada because the sports book is my favorite in the market but man the slots always take all my winnings. I’m really exhausted, good luck everyone


I feel , weekly donations being on Mondays for me

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Maybe you can try to see if there is anything strategic that can be done to help with your end-of-day balance.

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Same here I’ve been making multiple deposits a day and I’ve been losing consistently for about a month now… but omg yesterday was by par the worst no matter what game I picked I lost every spin no matter what game I picked I even switched casino sites and made a deposit on ignition and same damn thing!!


@moderators, could you tell me which game yhe free 20 or 25 free spins are on?

What spins are you referring to?

@Paul_Bovada It’s the free spins that were awarded on Mon. Other people were asking about it and a moderator said it’s on a new game that comes out today

For the crypto exclusive. Yes, it’s a brand new game that will be launched today.

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Ok, thanks Paul

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