In urgent need of help for wager settlement

This was from a few days ago but, My bet was cashed out when I was winning & the bet won I’ve been trying to get in contact with someone but the agents aren’t available. I can never cash out but this one miraculously was. Need help going forward granted it was a two dollar bet it was worth so much more. Just need someone to look at this plus I bet everyday lol

Every bet was in the very last inning and the cash out was locked for me the whole game

I’m confused you cashed out or saying system cashed you out ??

And nice hot either way beautiful picks

I didn’t … I had multiple tabs open so I just went to click and refresh the page and I was at you bet successfully cashed in 9th innings I wasn’t cashing out it was in the bag

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Sheesh I hope they can help that’s tuff to swallow

My bad for ranting but I just seemed like it was error due to all the updates they’ve been doing

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All you good brother no worries shit I’d be snapping 2 that’s a nice come up to have taken away

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Hey Bovada, please credit my wager win. I won Phillies 1st 5 innings today wagered 145.00 to win 152.00. You recorded a loss. Transaction # is 22061541614694. I wagered everything in my acct now at 0.00 and was goona thrpw my winnings on N.Y. rangers.

The wager has been fixed.

Hi @Dwalk27,

We will have to look into this as some action needs to occur for the Cashout feature to take effect. Once we have further details we will surely let you know.

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Okay thanks!

Not sure if time if cash out shows but the games were won already

Very nice picks! Hope you get your wagers restored. Any picks for today? :wink:

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Hi Bovada,

This Ref. 22111639087596 5 team parlay wager was graded as a loss but I believe McCann won by 8th round TKO.

Please re-grade if possible because I believe the parlay should still be live.