Incorrect Payout

Bet USA -5.5 yesterday and they won 12-1 via mercy rule. I was just paid out my original bet and when discussing via chat they just kept sending me rules saying that it should pay.

They then stated that it was a KO (not a baseball term) and that it was a push.

Below is conversation sent by the bovada team

By the own rules this should have been paid out yet after hours they said “Sorry can’t do anything”

REF: 23031705884474

Wouldn’t let me post more than one photo.

This has already been discussed here, and the result was due to the mercy rule.

You can see confirmation here also.

Monday night’s World Baseball Classic game against Canada was close to a must-win for Team USA after Sunday night’s blowout loss to Mexico. The Americans answered the bell. Their high-powered offense broke out early, putting a nine-spot on the board in the first inning. From there, starter Lance Lynn and the Americans cruised to an easy 12-1 mercy-rule win (USA 12, CAN 1 in 7 innings).

Correct. By the rules I should have been paid out a winning bet. They have told me no…


As per the rules:

  1. Non-US Baseball - In the event of a Mercy Rule (one team has an unassailable lead) being called, all bets will have action based on the score at that time, with the exception of Total/Runline wagers, which will be no action unless the result has already been determined.

Wow… so mercy rules don’t pay out run line. What a slimy way to get out of a bet. Looks like got to find another betting site.

@QDad217 It is, rule 14

I saw. I didn’t see it was a live wager before.

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Same thing happen to me but it should be paid because it’s says unless the result has already been determined. Your result was determined because they won 12-1.