Incorrect Wager Description NASCAR Xfinity Race


I am currently having a dispute with Bovada customer service regarding the wager that I made for Saturday afternoons Xfinity NASCAR race. When I logged on to make my selection for the race, I chose Austin Cindric to beat Tyler Reddick head to head. At the ending of the race, Reddick ended up beating Cindric but was later disqualified due to a failed post-race inspection. I chatted in because I read that you guys updated rule 5 of the motor sports rules to include post-race inspections only to be told that I wagered on the race winner and not the head to head wager that I am sure that I chose. I asked customer service to please investigate the wager as the odds that I received were EVEN and not normal NASCAR race winner odds. Not only did customer service dismiss my complaint, the supervisor even disconnected the chat on me when I wasn’t done speaking. It’s really a shame how hard it is to get someone who is competent to understand my complaint and help me resolve it in a fair manner.

Here is the wager I was left with in my account after choosing Austin Cindric (EVEN) to beat Tyler Reddick (-130) head to head.

As you can see, for some reason my wager shows race winner when that is not at all what I chose. If I was to choose Austin Cindric to win the race he would be around a +500 for the entire race and not EVEN money. Cindric wasn’t the favorite to win, in fact he wasn’t even the second favorite, he was the third favorite to win the entire race. As you can see in the article below, the “Odds to Win the 2021 Contender Boats 250 Xfinity Series Race according to Bovada Sportsbook” was updated on the day of the race and showed Tyler Reddick as full race favorite at +210 followed by Noah Gragson at +280, and then my supposed “full race” winner Austin Cindric at a whopping +500 compared to the EVEN money that you guys are saying I accepted when choosing the full race winner.

It is entirely too hard to get assistance via the chat as it seems that no one is competent enough to understand my issue. That’s why I’m coming for moderator help.

All I am saying is that someone made an error when creating the wager I chose this afternoon. It was supposed to be head to head at EVEN money and for some reason whoever created the wager made a mistake. It is okay, mistakes happen, but at least own up to them and correct what is right.

I chose Cindric to beat Reddick, Tyler Reddick was disqualified and according to your rule 5 of the motor sports wagers, I should have won the bet.

Here are the official NASCAR results for Saturday’s race in Miami…

Thank you for your time.

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