Is bovada still a reliable gambling site?

This is first time I bet and the game end with an explanation that hey it was technically error. I’m generous to return you the wager but I won’t pay you lol. To bovada sport teams, shame on you, I bet on your site to find out after the game ended that it was my little mistake I’ll give you wager back that’s all. Well, next time when I bet on the wrong side and realize after the game end. I’ll call you to see if I can get my money back because I bet on the wrong side I intended. How’d it sound to you?

Your website makes rules, I play by your rules. I lost that is it. Noting I can do. But when I won and found out that it just your mistake I’m not gonna pay you. Well I’m speechless.

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I always thought bovada is a fair gambling site until now…

I believe this was down to an obvious line error, in which case as per the rules any wagers on that line would be void. This would be for both sides of the line or course, winning and losing wagers.


If you lost it won’t be looked into. But if you win. Technical errors occur. Lol

@GhostFlex That is simply not true, as I stated above all wagers on both sides of the line will be voided, either winners or losers.

Very interesting. So both way right?

Phoenix vs Buck

I bet money line on back. Well unfortunately I lost $150

I bet -16.5 on Phoneix. Haha I won! At least I got something back. Oh wait! My name is bovada sport team I made mistake I’ll give your money back it technical errors.

Really both way lol oh I should have call them and said I technically bet on wrong team I intended. Just give me money back. Can I try to talk to them this way? So it is fair.

In this case it would appear it was a specific error on the line for the suns.
I’ll speak to sports to see if i can get some clarification on this for you

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Ok so sports have clarified that the odds that were offered were way off what they should have been for that particular line at the time.

Well I appreciate that, but if you don’t mind I’d love to ask them. I made a mistake, I bet on an Dota2 esport team that was gonna happen in the next 4 days I call them right away that I bet the same team twice, may I cancel it? All they said was no. and I lost both. End of the story. I paid for my mistakes, I bet “in advance for 4 days”.

This one. I bet and waited until the game end to realize hey just a little mistake I made. Just realized after the game was over a while ago so I won’t pay you but you can get your bet money back. ???

It is your platform, rules are yours. Reliable is different from Lie-able. Your platform will go on, until one day “technical issues” starts again oh wait I assure this is fair because I said so.

Hope you can send my words to their lie-able bovada sport team.

I Understand your concerns here, but all of this is clearly stated in the wagering terms on the website.
In this case:

  1. You can’t cancel, change, or modify your bet in any way once it has been received and accepted by Bovada Casino and Sportsbook. As you are solely responsible for your account transactions, review all bet details for any mistakes, errors or omissions before clicking ‘PLACE BETS’.

  2. A bet shall be deemed invalid when:

  • It is submitted later than the deadline.
  • It is completed erroneously or incorrectly.
  • It is a bet on an obvious line error.
  • It isn’t accepted by the transaction server for some reason.
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Ok so time was off right?

Hey how about this ones

Q4 time 4:16 I bet lower scores lower than 129.

Anything wrong with time? Time off? Oh wait

I bet all in on your platforms if I lost I lost them all. Please remind yourself that at that time you don’t know they gonna give you back if you lost. That’s why we call gambling right? Oh wait I won :raised_hands: to found out that hey :wave: I’m bovada sport team you won but we won’t pay you byeee!

As I said from the beginning, your site, your rules I follow but don’t technically change rules to avoid paying a few hundred bucks. It is just pathetic and look like cheater.

@Paul_Bovada yeah I’m only teasing. I’ve read the fine print.

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Because I played with your rules so I realized the mistake, they couldn’t cancel I said fine. Now I bet time isn’t off , I bet lower 129,anything could happen, they could tie and tie and keep playing til points are over. If that was the case maybe bovada team will come to me and said hey no worry I will refund you since it was my mistakes. Ok, 30th of February I’m sure they will do. Anyway, you have rules for players, not for yourself. I get that.

Your are the Ruler, please act like one and be responsible for mistake you made as many players here do. Players made mistakes, players paid for their mistakes. Your bovada team made a mistake, hey the players paid for the mistake your team made.

Don’t you think what I said is true?

The rules are there for everyone to see, to make it fair for all players.
There must always be rues in place in case there is an issue, such as a line error.

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Yes sir! I learn already when line error bovada will wait until the game was over and said to player in their face that hey line error you won but I cancel you bet after the game end. Aka I won’t pay you even if you won since it “line error”. Oh but no worry we are reliable. Rules I made is clear, you paid for your mistakes, you also paid for my mistakes, oh line error it also you who won’t get paid.

Message is clear. I learn so as others

If you don’t mind, would you ask sport team to clarify what are error on my bet for lower than 129 please. Id love to hear. Time isn’t off for sure 4.17 of q4. :thinking: line error after all risky bets are won and bovada have to pay :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What is the reference number please?

I’m bold to make those bets to to find out line error.

As per the sports team, the reason is the same as the initial one I escalated for you.

Everyone, the mods can’t say it, but if you have serious complaints, write them in the clearest way possible. If English isn’t your first language or you barely graduated high school, get a friend to write it up for you.