Just double checking

Hi @moderators im just double checking this means I’ll get a refund since the game didn’t go over 8.5 innings right? https://share.icloud.com/photos/061a2kp0D-Z-VgP8sEx_5pKeg

I mean that’s why I placed it instead of the original over 4 bases I was going to place because this gave me a chance to get a push.

Ref: 22041522451667 if you need to manually void the bet

I also thought that because since the odds were only +330 compared to his over 4 bases being +400

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Please help me get my push the bet went away now

Hi, this is correctly settled as a loss unfortunately as 8.5 were played.

That doesn’t make sense though, why would it only be +330 when Ohtani’s total bases at least 4 was +409 I would have taken that if I have known. Is there any way I can get the push and now note that’s how it works for now on? Now that I know I can take it into account before I bet, but I wouldn’t have placed the bet have I known that it was 8.5 innings not over 8.5 innings. And it’s just frustrating knowing that if I knew that I would have won 200$ on the over 4 total games compared to him to hit a homerun.

Plus since the odds were so different I assumed that over 8.5 innings had to be played

*Game must go 8.5 innings unless outcome has been determined

I’ll take a refund of 50$ or the 200$ I would have won if I knew :+1::joy_cat:

I’m afraid we cannot give you a refund as this is clearly a losing wager unfortunately.

I get it by my point is that I did not know that and I would have done Ohtani over 4 total bases which ended up winning, so knowing that I would have won if I’ve known is what is really frustrating to me. It’s up to you on what you decide you can or can’t do for me, but I’m just frustrated that’s all.

I’m sorry for your frustration, and also the loss, but I cannot refund for this.