Line moves while processing and doesnt cancel?

Don’t know if this has happened to anyone else…
Took under 10 on the Mariners vs Yankees live, and everything looked great while processing the bet. While the little spinning wheel goes and it’s processing, the line moves to 9.5 and my bet processes the under 9.5

Talked to customer service and they basically gave me the run around saying this can happen and theres nothing they can do… So basically all I’ve learned is you could get your bet correct or it could be wrong by a hook or a full run. So thats awesome

UPDATE: Game ends 7-3… because of course it does

One of the ways this site cheats by moving the odds towards the house. It will only cancel if it is in ur favor, if it moves in their favor it will process without cancelling.


100%. I’ve had countless bets cancelled because it takes forever to process and when it does the lines moved to a worse number. But of course when it moves in favor of the house it locks in no problem


I’m down to straight sport bets with Bovada. Pre game only. The casino sucks now, and live bets are risky because of what u just described.

This is super sketchy!