LiveDealerBJ wow!

How can anyone win when the dealer pulls hands like this.

21, 20, 20, 20, 19, 18, 20, 20, 20

I mean wth?!

Then they want to say their games are “fair and transparent”


Yeah dont play it currently it is awful. Not winnable

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I see that. Then I was given a bonus so I played everything. Slots - not a damn win. Went to casino blackjack and had $500 left so I said forget it I’m over these BS bonuses - bet $500 … I got a 20 so i thought maybe I have a chance. Nope dealer got a 21 … I am so over this crap.

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Ive been selling the past 2 days. One thing i will say is one of the guys i sold to played lawless ladies and spun $5 and won 9300$ .

If youre doing slots play a high volatile slot like that and spin for at least 4 or 5$ your chances will be better for sure


I hit a massive jackpot with on lawless ladies. 88k. Lost majority of it this year . Sucks

What were you wagering per spin when you hit that jackpot? Curious

$5 bro. $5.

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Please tell me you cashed out a good chunk and put it to use elsewhere and didn’t give it all back here.

That’s awesome.

Man…liveblackjack just treated me right. 5 rummies in a row…at $10…never had that many in a row. My last hand i played all three seats and hit the 1st and third hand rummy.

Lol i logged off so quick.


@Ruckerma Congrats

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