MLB Strikes Deal with Apple TV+

Today MLB announced that on Friday nights they will EXCLUSIVELY stream some games on Apple TV+ in an attempt to “grow the game” with a younger audience. I do not like this move at all, and think it will hurt them far more than it will help.

Yes you might get younger viewers on certain games, but it will most definitely take away a large portion of your older fanbase that don’t have tv’s compatible with downloading apps such as these and those that don’t want to deal with the hassle. I love listening to the home broadcast of Gary, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling for the Mets, so the fact we will miss that for Scherzer’s first start stinks.

The first game is free as long as you download the app, but it’s the first start of Max Scherzer in a Mets uniform against his former club the Nationals.

What are your thoughts on the new deal?

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I agree with that. I am a huge Braves fan. Have been since I was born. I remember watching them on TBS. Last year it was a hassle. I had to watch them on Bally Sports and just to get that was a headache.

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MLB has been in the toilet for many years.

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It sounds like a good idea… until you can’t watch your local team because of blackout restrictions, just like MLBtv.