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Hi everyone.

Please do not play craps. BOVADA scams players. This post speaks nothing of the random outcome generator. I have no proof about its validity or lack thereof. I am speaking about system errors and the lack of Bovada’s responsiveness.

On multiple occasions - and yes, the fact that this has happened to me multiple times is a fault of mine, as is the belief that BOVADA would do anything - the craps game has crashed and wiped out everything on the table. When it happens, none of the customer service representatives have any idea what I’m talking about, and most of them cannot speak with any knowledge about of how craps betting works. This is despite my continuous explanations and providing screenshots of everything. Please see below.

This forum only allows me to send one screenshot, but in all instances, I have documented before the issue, during the error, and the the end result. In each instance, the first shot shows the active bets and the game generating a randomized roll. The second image - shown here with $2032.91 in the balance and $161 on the table - shows the error message. After the game reloads, the balance remains the same while the active bets are gone. The point is reset even though the system doesn’t show a seven-out as the prior roll, which would be the only legitimate reason the bets would be gone and the point would no longer be on 4. With the three before-during-after screenshots, this is as cut and dry as it gets.

Yet, despite dozens of calls, emails, and on-line chat sessions over the course of a the last month, no effort to correct the issue has been taken. I have been told the issue has been sent to an escalation team. That is the extent of the provided information. There has not been one shred of evidence that anything has been done, or that any human beings are actually assigned to this supposed team. The lack of the escalation team’s responsiveness is a common trend in this forum.

My hope is that others will not be scammed as I have. This scheme is relatively basic: simply cause or intentionally fail to prevent system errors that cancel active bets, and then purposefully ignore all attempts to reconcile the error. Do not fall for this scam, and if it does happen to you, do not accept play through-restricted bonuses as an acceptable solution. Without the ability to withdraw funds after winning bets, these bonuses are practically meaningless.

I will be forwarding this message to various review sites and any regulatory agency I can find. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. In the meantime, for those who do play craps, I suggest a different gaming site. They use different gaming software. Other sites, such as a different gaming site or a different gaming site are options, though they use the same gaming software.

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It appears that your issue is being looked into. We will request an update for the ticket that has been submitted on your behalf.

I’ve heard that before. No update has been provided. Tell me: to which online review site should I forward my post?,c3458610


I can go on, but I think you get the point.

If you post it to s/bovada they will just delete and block you from commenting or messaging them. Moderators are 1,000,000% bovada employees. You cannot say one bad word about them on Reddit haha

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as discussed in another thread, the same issue has happened to me multiple times.

@Mikey_Bovada how come i never got my issue looked into and i posted back in October

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Craps same issue

@Deo1234 If this hasn’t already been addressed, send us a PM with the details and we can take a look at it for you.