NFL 2021 Kickoff Pick’Em Pro Bowl Week

No they never have added the bonus the same night especially after a late game deciding it tonight with the Clippers and Bucks probably will be added tomorrow afternoon would be my guess. Good luck go Clippers lol.

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I’m with ya Cody! Curious if anyone else is with us

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I’m hoping it’s just you and me maybe one or two more seeing not many people picked the Clippers.

Ugh that’s a killer. They should add it in right away, it seems theres always a moderator online and they should want to complete it as soon as they can. Missing a huge opportunity not being able to bet on the Olympics

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9 point lead for the good guys at halftime. Just need one more really good quarter like the second and it will be curtains. The Greek Freak prevails :greece::basketball:

Yeah leading by 25 midway through the 3rd quarter, that should do it. No offense, but I can’t imagine why anyone would’ve picked the Clippers without Paul George. Even with him they aren’t half as good as MIL. Hopefully there were a bunch of people that made that not so smart choice, leaving more for me :money_mouth_face:

7-0 !!!

@Matty_Bovada @Paul_Bovada @moderators
I’ll take that money in my account as soon as you can add it in; feels REALLY good to finally get a win in these after months of no success.

The sooner you get it in the quicker I can bet on the olympics :moneybag:

Send it!!!

You got them all correct as well? I see Standrd did and I’ve counted a few so far going through the polls. Hoping one of these moderators wakes up soon and adds the funds to our account!

@Broadcaster005 Just as a note here, the winnings are almost always only paid out the next day, hence the 24 hour rule after the last game.

This week had 15 winners with all the favorites pulling off the win! Congratulations!


$34 will be added to each of your accounts shortly.


Thanks for the contest



Thank you!

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Thank you!!!

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