Now no single hand video poker available

seems like they are phasing out video poker entirely at bovada… kind of sad…been here 15years plus and loved to play slots and VP and Poker tourneys here.

I wonder why…

@ebishop At the moment, we cannot confirm that this statement is true. However, please monitor the site periodically for any updates.

If you go to the site…you can see it is true… let me know when there is an “update”… for now…we have no single handed video poker game available.

We have yet to confirm some of the information. Thanks for being in touch with us.

@Alice_Bovada I also can’t find "Burning Roulette "

If it isn’t there it’s been removed.

Ok, thanks for the quick update.

theyve removed a bunch of games without notice… bad practice… leaves a bad taste.

I agree. They took away Burning Roulette where you could bet less per spin