Parlay cashouts

Whenever I make a parlay and I have a cash out offer before the game, I never get one as I keep winning my other legs. It always says cash out unavailable. Anybody ever get cash out offers on parlays that actually work? I haven’t had one offer it’s always unavailable after I win the first leg.

Literally came to the forum for this, I need info on how it work… Because I’m having the same problem

Same thing for me! I haven’t ever been able to cash out a parlay. As soon as the first game wins it just turns unavailable


The Cashout Feature is not always available and sometimes, it may get removed at a certain time in the game.

As from here, you may also find more info on how the Cashout Feature works.

I read the rules but what’s the point of offering it if it is never available?. I only bet parlays and I have never had one cash out offer after winning the first game even though I have had offers prior to the first game. I guess what I am saying is that it is frustrating to see that cash out is available when the parlay is made but then it just disappears after the first game starts. My friends use other sites such as fan duel sports book and it seems like they have gotten cashouts to work pretty easily. I like Bovada but if other sites offer better logistics I may move a bit of money over there and take a look. User friendliness is key

Also based on the rules it says if a game is marked as a push I can cashout at anytime. However, that has happened to me numerous times and I just received a “cashout unavailable”

How about never available or able that’s what you guys cashout feature stands for