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Hey so I have a question a couple mins ago I hit a 7 team parlay put down $30 to win $534.82 , however when I checked my account they only paid me $289.34 anyone can explain why? This was the parlay

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mavs -2 wash a push so it reverted down to 6 team. Your laying -260 to almost -500 on a few of them…why wouldnt you just take mavs ml? atleast you still won decent tho!


Similar thing happened to me. I made a bet $10 to win $270 and at some point after that it’s now changed to $10 to win $169

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That’s weird.
I would definitely check on that.

Other persons changed because of a TIE"""" that legitimately reduced winning amount

Yours i would contact customer service or talk to moderators.

@jwalters021 based on all of those lines (the -110’s, -455 and -950) the correct payout is 169.04. You can verify with any parlay calculator online too.

Its possible that while placing one of the lines had changed so it went through and placed with the correct line (-110) for example, but the payout still showed you a value for much higher

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Bets Successfully"""" placed.
If line changed wouldn’t that happen before?

Yes, but you can see all the lines and enter them into a parlay calculator. The correct payout for those lines is 169.

I have however reached out to my sports team to take a look into this further to avoid future confusion

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Calculation im assuming 169 is correct.
But if bettor gets successfully""" placed and can verify with screen shot i think that’s worthy of compensation"""
my opinion"""
that potentially affect other bets if doing 100’s bets of betting more or less etc…

What the ■■■■? We’re supposed to double check our parlay amounts on off site calculators before we place our bets now?

Bulls you should have started a new thread because your situation is completely different from the first post and is a big deal.

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We aren’t sure why its displaying a different amount which is what we are checking or to even double check that it wasn’t altered

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not my""" wager
but i agree, i advised bettor different then other because of TIE, ETC

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Jwalters you should have started a new thread because your situation is completely different from the first post and is a big deal.

Sorry Bulls.

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no worries
im just curious never seen that before

I understand the parlay counter but shouldn’t it already be done that way. My point of this was that it showed it as 270 successfully bet then a day later it changed. And then Bovada says there’s nothing they can do about it. Pretty upsetting that’s all they can say in response

That Sucks…
5+ years never seen that before.
still pretty nice win but i feel you, dampers win, expectations etc…

It is complete bullshit. They need to update the situation with you and here. Completely unacceptable.

The win amount itself would’ve never changed in your transactions. As soon as it was placed, your transactions page would’ve showed the correct win amount.

@jwalters021 we’ve sent you a PM for further details on this too

Can you check pm please @Matty_Bovada

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