Placed what what appeared to be a safe bet when score change

I placed a bet on a team that was plus +400 because they were up from my perspective. But as soon as I place the bet the score changed and took there goal away I tried to use my resources the site provides for example the betting bar at the bottom where you can display H2H stats and get play by play views , but it doesn’t always load up how it’s suppose too, be mindful I watched that same score board go from 1 to 0 back to 1 and held for a brief 3 minutes after I place the Wager the score instantly went back to 0.

What’s up with that @bovada

We do advise that you do not use the scoreboard to make decisions with live wagering. While they do try to update it as best as possible it isn’t accurate sometimes.
This is stated in rule 1 of live wagering.

Understood Paul I’ll go check over the rules .

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Rigged city… always good to look at betsapi site for live scores


This has nothing to do with being rigged.
We actually tell people not to use the scoreboard due to discrepancies.

How is it fair waging when there’s scoreboard discrepancies and not accurate on live bets?? It’s enticing users to place bets on the wrong odds and the wrong scores.

It’s not enticing if we advise you not to use it for live wagering decisions.
If you choose to use it after you have been advised not to that’s entirely your choice.
We are however totally open about the fact that it sometimes doesn’t update correctly

I don’t think it’s rigged I do understand the casino has a house edge is that factual In online casino as well ? @Paul_Bovada

The casino will always have a house edge.

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I noticed You answered the live bets thing but never clarified why the resources on a live bet don’t always pop up ? For example the H2H comparison event incidents event stats , sometimes all I have is the scoreboard to go off of to bet the rest of the options don’t always display on some matches any particular reason ?

Again, this would be down to data received and/or scoreboard issues.