Points Drop tragedy

Bovada CS
drops points.

Bovada casino
In: $79. Out: $7.10 fairy wins and blackjack

In: 276 Out: $179 Pandas Go Wild

For a Grand total if 52% RTP

I dont care if its “free money” or “bonus money”

The fact is, this is sh*t and they shouldn’t get away with it.

Im down $3200 in the last 29 days with 88% RTP on $52000 wageredive been getting demolished is the point. And the most ive gotten in “bonus points ” is $145.

Unreal honestly


Similar stuff going on here.

Frustrating as hell. Even more frustrating when cycle spills over into your actual money you’ve deposited in. And can’t get a response for over 10 hours from a forum moderator.


CS added your points manually?

No but the auto messages say its from CS. i gather its Promotions as an extension from Crypto cashback, considering im down $3000 in the last 30 days