Request change to CS:GO wager grading

Let’s say you bet on a team +6.5 rounds on a particular map…

On other websites the second the team you bet on hits 10 rounds the wager gets graded. On Bovada the wager is not graded until the map is over.

I’ve got a team +11.5 right now and the bet was covered 30 mins ago, but the map is still going so I have to wait to collect. Is there a possibility these wagers can be graded as they occur rather than at the end of the map?

Games going to overtime now so I’m going to have to wait another 10-30 mins lol.

Hi @savagegeezer,

We apologize for the delay in getting your wager settled, we will have it escalated to our Sports Team.

Upon review of the wager it can only be settled at the end of the Map as it’s for a specific Map that is still in play.

To clarify, I wasn’t asking it to be escalated because I know the current policy is no wagers get graded until the map ends. I’m asking if Bovada would consider changing the time at which they grade all cs:go wagers to not have to wait until the map is finished. Once the bet is covered it would be nice if the wager was graded in that moment.

We appreciate your request; nonetheless, the spread may be met with more than half of the time and the other team could cover it unexpectedly. This is one of the reasons we wait to guarantee that grading difficulties are kept to a minimum. We recognize that there are situations when the spread is covered with no or little time to recoup, in which case we might push for the wager to be settled.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but in cs:go if you take a team +11.5 rounds on a particular map, the moment that team hits 5 round wins the wager is covered and there is no way it won’t win from that point. There is no outcome from that point where your wager would lose or push. You won, regardless of what else occurs.

Just to clarify here it’s essentially a race to 15?

It’s a race to 16.

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