Seems like others are able to withdrawal today, how come I can’t?

Chat agents said pending withdrawals are because they are in “Queue”

If there the case how come everyone else can withdrawal all day and my stuff - no matter the method, is pending - this makes no sense

You should send a message to @moderators. They can tell you exactly what is holding up your withdrawal.

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Sarcasm littlejon3 lol

Huh? I don’t think her post was in sarcasm. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz

I have tagged them all day - no response

Hi @Jbgirl97,

It seems that the review of your withdrawal is still ongoing. Remember that 48 hours is the typical review period, even if you receive your withdrawal earlier than the anticipated 48-hour period.

I see that but why mine? Others seems to be getting theirs

Just FYI, from what other mods have indicated, they don’t get notified when you just tag the Moderators group in a post. That is why I suggested sending them a message to that group, they all receive that.


I took your advice thank you

It’s not just you, there are others who experience this similar issue. As of now, the withdrawal is still within the normal time frame, if it gets passed that time we would be happy to have this escalated.