Settle / Cash out Prop Wager

Got a wager that has hit 3 of the 4. Wanted to reach out to the Bovada team as I’ve seen it happened before and see if they had an offer for me to “cash out/settle” the wager. Just seeing if they had an offer if they wanted to shoot me a DM.

Here is the wager for others to see.


@Bovada_Stu @Maddie_Bovada @Vivian_Bovada @Michael_Bovada @Paul_Bovada I didnt know if all mods would see the post no matter what OR if they had to be tagged. Sorry if I didnt have to tag anyone. -Ryan

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Just hedge the the 4th leg cheaper than what a CASHOUT would be offered

They dont have “NO” TD props. Otherwise would be simple yes. I’d put $500-600 on the other side.

Try another site… or requests a no TD prop see if they can accommodate

I’ve checked a few that I have and haven’t found any yet. Still looking just figured I’d check with Bovada as well because I have seen them offer others early cash outs. Enjoy the night.

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Good luck :+1:

How much was the bet. That couldnt be more than 20 dollars. Great picks

The Cashout options will not always be available, if it’s not there we are unable to request to have it added for you.

Thanks! Is there a way to talk to the odds maker and see if they could do the whole #RequestAWager?
I’d want to do a NO TD for Adam Trautman odds for TE Denver Broncos. Thanks for the quick response and looking into this for me.

Checking with them right now.

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let me know what you found out. If not need to place a wager at another site. Thanks Mikey.

Guessing you didnt find anything, no worries if they create it now I got a wager placed at a different sportsbook to hedge my bet as I go no response back.

i saw it up at -1000 odds

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Hi @Ryangene,

It was added for -1000.

Well shoot I didnt see it. Maybe I was looking under the wrong section.