Site Not Working

Is the site down? I can maneuver around the site and to the description page of different casino games, but if I hit play it just takes me to the next page and continues to keep loading to no end. And i can’t even get on the poker portion of the site. It just keeps loading also. Been doing this for most of the day. Anyone else having these issues?

We’re aware that Poker web version is currently unavailable, this is being investigated.
I’ll check the slot games, is it for all or any particular?

Is there any update on poker coming back online? Regular blackjack in casino wont load for me. NONE of the Hot Drop Jackpot games will load. It seems all the Bovada original games are not loading. And the newer, other site games offered ( such as Hat Trick Hero, Mr. Macau, Jokers Wild, etc… are loading and functioning properly.

Regarding Poker issue, any updates we’ll have will be posted here:
Unfortunately, we haven’t received any though.
As for the Casino games, we’re checking them.

Can you try performing basic troubleshooting steps? Such as: clearing Caches and Cookies, restarting your browser and testing it on Incognito Mode.

Yes, I have attempted all these. But if multiple people are having the same issues then i wouldnt think that its a personal single device issue. Id assume its on yalls end. But, I’m not an IT person either so I could be wrong.

We haven’t received any reports, I’ve requested to confirm others as well.

Ohh… ok. I thought others were having the issue with the rest of the site just like the poker section. Hmm thats odd then. Maybe I can give everything another shot at attempting to access the rest of the the site until the poker section is finally back up and running.

Sure, let’s try and if the issue still persists to occur, I’ll send a ticket to Techs for further review.

I also can not log onto the poker site. I’ve tried safari chrome and duck duck go. All on incognito and not. I’ve cleared cache and data many times! What the hell is going on? This is bull shit

It’s because there is an issue with Poker and it’s being investigated:

Anything ever amount from this? Was one of the players impacted. Used to get some type of customer service credit for tech issues?

For poker to clarify

@Mikey_Bovada i am haviing ussues with rival bgaming and dragon providers games to load other providers work. I play on this device everyday and never have a issue so is anyone else having this issue?

We haven’t received any reports at this time.

@Mikey_Bovada ok ill keep messing with it but i dunno why those wouldnt work and the others ones are. I will keep trying might wanna check though. Thanks

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Thanks, we will keep our eye out for more details.

@Mikey_Bovada it is working now except that new rival game crocodile which is fine just letting you know.

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Can you try the new game in incognito?

Always do lol