Slots best bonus ever

Best Bonus ever , way to go Bovada. Your the best online casino


The other day I hit free spins on Reels Xl while betting $10 and it paid out $0

Lmao I couldn’t believe it.


Oh noooo I’m sorry

Highway robbery

Are You Being Sarcastic?? Or U Really Happy With 12 cents??

Thanks for your post. It’s been a while.

While I understand how discouraging losses can be, our Casino games are games of luck. Some days you win some, and other days not.

Mostly you don’t though, make sure to add that in there lol


99% of the time you lose…1% you win…there i fixed it for you lol

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Oh I understand that it’s gambling, what I don’t understand is how is that a bonus round. That’s not even a spin. And that’s just on a 50c spin. There’s been sooooo many times it happens to me if I bet $1 $3 $5 per spin, that’s what’s discouraging.

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I don’t know if anyone here actually believes in the RNG thing too. I mean these games are definitely manipulated. Especially if you play here every day, several times a day. Who better to know how random things are here.


This happens so frequently it’s so infuriating… I spin all these times to get the free spin and when you finally get it you get 1.75 or some joke of a bonus

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