***Soccer Competition 10 Predictor - Saturday August 27th***

Wow! We’re very different then.

I don’t recall seeing perfect scores very often, certainly not recently.

Last week a perfect score for the sports picks not this soccer one. I came close with one loss

If Sevilla win I feel a perfect score might be possible, otherwise very unlikely with 70% on them

Currently I’m perfect but I doubt that holds up lol


I’m 6-1 but I have Lens, Miami and Sevilla lol

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Argh. Lost the past two, so I’m 7-2 with New York as my last pick. I suspect no cookie for me. :cry:

I’ve missed 2 with the New York/Miami game to go.

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Is this shit even real?!?! Great Cassie. I wouldn’t fathom or even entertain posting about being 7 for 9. Excited for you. Good luck.


How’d you end up? I’m 8-2, I’m sure several others are also 8-2. Sounds like you might have topped that.

Cassie has this in the bag…… :joy:

I finished 8-2

:sunglasses: if I get this “in the bag” I’ll send you $3 bucks so you can get off the gas and stop hounding dude for your lunch money and sliding into other threads with your $3 bucks BS.

He will just do it more then…

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Started 7-0. Finished 7-3. Pain lol

This weeks winners with a very nice 27 points are @Fizzle82 & @BCorrect
Funds will be added soon!! :muscle: :soccer: :money_mouth_face:

This weeks “close but no cigar” club with 24 points, features the likes of @BomboRiviera @brian_123 @CameronStrauss8 @Chieftain @Fillygator @Jackreed05 @Jxred01 @Reelpower8 @kinggunzy @StndrDeviant