Space XY game error

3 more spins on space xy soon as you hit cash out it tbrows error code an just takes your momey…thus happens for iver 100 dollara last week an tbey rwfused to make it right …now 15 morw dollars down thw drain today…ive even had scree shots of thw bet placed with the error code showing an you can see in my transaction tbey took the money…this is gettin crazy

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Can you please provide a screenshot of what you are referring to?

Ive sent these screen.ahots already an then yall say its my fault…

There is over 30$ right there just in bets let alone the money it would have paid when i clicked cash out…and the bets i didnt screen shot when i didnt realize it was taking the money

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When exactly did this happen?

Just happend 3 more times

What type of connection are you using?

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