Sports Payout and Withdrawal Limits

Hi, this is kind of a general question but I’m looking for a serious answer. Does anyone know how much money you can win on sports without getting limited or banned? Rough estimates would be very helpful. Additionally, does Bovada ban or simply limit, and has anyone had trouble withdrawling large sums of money in the past for any reason? Thanks!

As Far as Getting Your Money … U Can Sell how Much You Want In The Market Place Where U Get Your Money In Minutes … Only Reason I Play Here… I’m Sure U Can Bet Bigger Limits … I Only Play $300 A Game Sometimes Thats My Max But if U Want To Bet 5k I’m Sure They Allow It… This Year I’m Up 4K In Sports Might Not Seem.A Lot But To Me It Is… U Can Win Big If U Got Big Money To Put Up…

The maximum payout for our Sportsbook is $250,000 and $50,000 for the Racebook. No individual payout will exceed these amounts under any circumstances.

Click here for more information on withdrawal limits for Cyrptocurrency withdrawals.

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