Spun 777 deluxe 58 times

25 of the spins were for $1
33 of the spins were for $0.50…
I lost on 57 of the 58 spins, I won my $1 bet back on the only one I didn’t lose. I hit on another $1 spin for $.50 lol. I understand it’s a high volatility slot, but come the f on. That’s pure trash. Sad thing is is I’ve once went on a streak of 55 straight without a win on it, yet i continue to play… dumb


Think it changed sometime last year. Used to be one of my go to games but it’s absolutely trash now. I would say try reels XL but even that game has been a little disappointing as of late


Yes sad… You’re not alone the slots here are getting worse especially when you get to the BONUS ROUND and win NOTHING… COM ON MAN!!!


I hit free spins on reels xl at least 10 times in my last session. Probably 15-20 times all day yesterday and I hit 33 dollars on one free spin other than that all together made maybe 10 dollars out of all those spins. Craziness.

Lol. I.had 87nfree spins and got 2 bucks. You killed it

Ya but your spins were free. Mine weren’t lol

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