Tennis Game Spread Wager Graded Incorrectly

I’ve contacted Bovada customer service multiple times now to get wager #21041303956353 corrected from No Action/Push to a win. Each time the sports team has shown incompetence by simply saying the wager should be No Action because of a retirement in the third set. However, according to Bovada’s tennis Rule 2 and 5 attached, the wager should be graded because the market in question (game spread) was already decided at the time of retirement.

Fruhvirtova was +6 on the game spread handicap; she won the first set 6-2 (4 game win), lost the second set 7-6 (1 game loss), and therefore headed to the third set with a 3 game lead. Even if she lost the third set 6-0 (worst possible set loss in tennis), she still would have covered the +6 game spread. However, even at that the retirement occurred at 4-4 in the third set meaning the worst she could have lost that set was 6-4 or 7-5 by 2 games. Therefore, she actually won the total games by 1 even though the match didn’t finish. The game spread was a decided market at the time of retirement and should be graded accordingly.

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