The Absolute Worst

Any other time I’ve ever said this casino is the absolute worst, I lied, TODAY was the absolute worst. Played for hours like a dummy and didn’t win even a hand of live dealer BJ. In fact I never got a hand over 15 - meanwhile the dealer is hitting BJ’s and 20’s left and right. And don’t get me started on the slots. Not one bonus spin on some of the games I’d hit at least 5 or 6. They were straight robbing me with my permission tonight.

rant over

Question: did anyone at least do good today?

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Havent been doing good this whole week. They definitely adjusted the rng. Cant hit one bonus on non jackpot slots. The one jackpot… i9 then pyk5the bonus is garbage


It has been the worst … they don’t want to fix a wagering issue…… and the fact that my money gets stolen all the time in the sit and goes and cash game poker