The Caribbean Holdem is not paying out

I hit 3 payouts and didn’t get paid for either one of the

Can you clarify if the time is EST? And clock is not visible on the first screenshot, please provide the time for that round as well.

Yes this just barely happened ! 3 times in a row

After the first time it happened I realized I should of taken pictures so when it happened again I made sure to

Yes Est eastern standard time

Thank you for all the information. From screenshots I’m not really seeing if the payouts were not made. I’ll check in the system, look for any discrepancy and get back to you.

I get charged double each bet and I had been doing up to 25$ bets and 25$ raises this needs to be made right please

A 4 of a kind =s 500$

And I only got paid for the bets . That’s why you pay extra for the star on the progressive so you get get your share if you win

I believe the progressive bet only pays out on the flop. The turn and river do not count for the progressive.


Omg talk about reading the fine print ! I clicked on the rules and that’s wasn’t listed I just found what you’re talking about thank you

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From what I was able to check I see that the rounds are closed correctly. I’m not sure which devise you’re using, however, for me on desktop I can see Progressive Jackpot rules on the left side of the screen: